Why Online Coaching- To Start or Not to Start

Why Online Coaching- “To Start or Not to Start”

why4You've asked the question yourself.

You've wondered- How can I scale my business?

With only so many hours in the day- how can I support more clients?

And the Big One- how can I make more money?

The stress for many of us is putting the right marketing, the best “tell my story to sell my value” action plan in place to drive our business. We’ve all been there.

  • Hustling every day, month, and year for new clients, grinding it out for lead generation to close new clients.
  • Joining and participating in great networking groups as a visible and active contributor who helps others succeed before ever asking for anything (i.e. Servant Leadership).
  • Writing unique pieces of content in the form of blogs, articles and white papers; then posting that content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Volunteering time to speak at niche-focused associations or groups.
  • Forming joint alliances and partnerships with other coaches, consultants, trainers and some software companies playing in the same market niche.

You’ve most likely done all the above and more, driving new clients and engagements from that great effort. And it IS an effort- every day, month, and year; but you want to do more. And so you ask the question…and looking for answers it usually boils down to a simple thought process and the real question,

  • I’m hustling to grow my business and income; and
  • To make more money, I need more clients; but
  • To support more clients and with only so many hours in the day…….how?

In the thought process above, what is your coaching business? You’re trading time (your time) for money; while limited by the physical time available to be in front of your client (the money).  The real answer to the question is you need to create more time. Specifically, you need to leverage your coaching time across the total number of available hours. However, it’s physically impossible to consistently do it in the current model of trading time for money..... But



What if you defined your “coaching time” into its two logical components? The first component is your content/program you coach. The second is the delivery of that content/program. The definition of “coaching time” is now changed to your “content/program + its delivery”. Let’s change the model.

Defining the two components of our coaching time allows us to virtualize both of those components,

  • have your content/program available anytime, anywhere for your clients,
  • have you deliver your coaching anytime, anywhere for your clients.

Once you provide “anytime, anywhere” for your coaching time (content/program + delivery), you can virtualize your value; effectively, creating more time for your coaching business. You create a “virtual you” to deliver your “virtual content/program” any hour of the day to any client in the world. THAT is changing the model.

But How…?

Virtualize your coaching by creating videos of your content/program and delivery by any number of ways. Present via any number of online platforms available either as integrated, turnkey solutions or you can develop your own. Change the model by creating your “Online Coaching” presence and capabilities to support more clients, online.

By the addition of “Online Coaching” you’ve changed the model. You’ve enabled the virtual delivery of your coaching content/program. Online coaching adds technology-enabled components to your coaching content/program to create more value faster. Online coaching provides a more convenient way for your clients to access you – anytime and anywhere and as frequently as they desire – without you having to physically be present. Online coaching compels your clients to stick with you longer because they are achieving consistent results, which in turn creates an environment where they perpetually pay you on a recurring monthly basis. This is because the value they are receiving far outweighs their investment in you.

Is it of value? Absolutely. According to Virtual Coaching: Using Technology to Boost Performance by Grace Ahrend, Fred Diamond and Pat Gill Webber of E-Coach Associates published in 2010, (URL to pdf), their findings for “The Impact Online Coaching” (E-Coaching) were significant. A survey of 300 US and European users of virtual coaching found:

  • 97.9% Agreed that online coaching content was clear and easy.
  • 76.2% Agreed that online coaching will help me to handle a work-related situation.
  • 85.3% Agreed that content taught me something I didn't already know.

So, we go back to our original question, this time with an answer-


             Yes, Yes there is.................... Online Coaching




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