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Who?? When?? Where??

Several weeks ago, I published an article “Solely Trading Time for Money”. Still? The original article can be read at http://mycoachsite.com/solely-trading-time-for-money-still/ . I’ve gotten a ton of feedback on the concept introduced as “The Virtual You”. To give you a flavor….

  • “Seriously… you had me until “while you’re sleeping”.
  • “You say it’s simple, really?”
  • “Who has the time to do all that!”

And yes to all- money can be made while your sleeping, it can be done more simply than one would think and yes, it does take some time but what worthwhile doesn’t! And as always, there are proven ways to reduce the time AND make it easier.

What’s the key?

As Author, Speaker, Trainer or/and Coach, the key to transforming the current business and leveraging, NOT CHANGING, success is based on two (2) “E” words- “E-Learning” and “E-Coaching”. Combine that with today’s available technology to deliver and manage the 2 Es and you have the real, right now ability to increase your time, coverage, client base, and content/program value as a Virtual You to Anyone, at Anytime and Anywhere.

Two articles to consider whether it’s worth the effort.

According to research conducted by eLearningIndustry.com titled The Top eLearning Statistics and Facts for 2015 You Need to Know, the global eLearning market for 2015 was expected to reach $107+ billion. Since we are now in 2017 and the stat’ aren’t out yet for 2016, we can bet the growth is significant.

An article by E-Coach Associates, Inc. founders, published in 2010 entitled “Virtual Coaching: Using Technology to Boost Performance, was eye opening. The original article can be read at  http://www.cedma-europe.org/newsletter%20articles/Clomedia/Virtual%20Coaching%20-%20Using%20Technology%20to%20Boost%20Performance%20(Jul%2010)

The article presents that E-learning is only part of the solution. Combined with E-coaching, their survey of US and European users are astounding- and from 6 years ago;

  • 9% of users felt that E-coaching was clear and easy to understand,
  • 3% thought that E-coaching content taught something that was not already known,
  • 2% stated that E-coaching will help handle a work related situation successfully.

As E-learning has continued to explode, and coaching remains a key value for clients, the combination becomes a tremendous opportunity within the coaching community and business.

Leveraging the value of an E-learning content/program (a Flagship Program *) with E-Coaching and the “Virtual You” can become a reality with the technology required to deliver the Virtual You. The technology can include any number of solutions, features, capabilities, hardware, software and communications.


Cutting through all the components, it boils down to 4 requirements regardless of the vendor or service. I like to call these the

 4 P’s of “Virtual You” Technology


For most coaches, delivery is either in person with the client or on the phone delivering value. The coach is the “delivery platform”. Optimizing E-coaching requires a delivery platform that is not only a coach, but delivers value based on the client’s requirement, even if it’s 24/7. More than just a website, the platform should deliver an online coaching portal that integrates all the capabilities required to deliver value “anywhere, anytime to any client”.


Within the platform, the capability to present coaching value “anywhere, anytime to any client” is critical. This not only includes integrated audio, video, Chat, interactive links and document storage as the coach presents live to his client, E-coaching incorporates client access to coaching programs and content at the convenience of the clients. The presentation capability, properly integrated, creates the video, voice over recording requirement in creating an online course. Providing this capability allows the coach to scale his value across time zones and geography. 


The value delivered to clients is specific to each coach. It’s their Flagship program and content that sets their coaching practice and business apart. Transforming a program into an E-coaching Flagship program (known in the online world as a “course”), delivered on a platform capable of “anytime, anywhere” presentation availability maximizes E-coaching opportunities for any coach. More than just that, it provides the opportunity to leverage time; in effect, creating more time for more opportunities.


The final P, and perhaps one of the most important, is to have the ability to accept payment for the “anytime, anywhere for any client” program directly without invoices or back office billing. The technology we all use for online, secure payment solutions for our everyday life can also be implemented into E-Coaching. Integrating payments into E-coaching will leverage the online capability to make money anywhere, anytime from any client.

Integrated as a solution, E-coaching can provide game changing impact to coaching.

And better….the Author, Speaker, Trainer and/or Coach has a built-in advantage as they have a program (a book, training materials, process, coaching program and content) to transform into an online courses. And with that, E-learning and E-coaching results in a “Virtual You”!


*Learn more about a “Flagship Program” at http://mycoachsite.com/the-unique-coaching-value-the-flagship-program/


Bob Minshall is the GM/COO of MyCoachSite, www.mycoachsite.com, a seamless integrated platform created by coaches for enabling online coaching for Authors, Speakers, Trainers and Coaches.


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