The Unique Coaching Value- the “Flagship” Program

Or perhaps a "Starship" Program?

In a LinkedIn article last month entitled “Author, Speaker, Trainer…Coach?” (read the full article at I suggested that Authors, Speakers and/or Trainers were, or should be considered, Coaches. Their specific content/topic propels their value with their customers.

Continuing to evolve into the coaching business, a requirement may be to review and measure the results of what is offered to clients with what “could be received” from the competition. It’s a very crowded marketplace for out here.

For each Author, Speaker, Trainer or Coach…

  • How do they differentiate themselves from the competition?
  • How they set themselves apart?
  • When Asked “How are you unique”, how do they respond?

Questions to consider…

  • What consistently drives clients to me versus another coach?
  • What is the consistent value I provide to your clients?
  • How do I keep the client engaged during our sessions?
  • What am I leaving behind and how are they implementing my value?

At some point, a lot of coaches struggle with answering these questions and they are not alone. In speaking with hundreds of coaches, there is a consistent message….

  • I have a lot of experience in my market – over 20 years of experience.
  • I have a lot to offer and know if I can get in front of prospective customers then I can demonstrate my value.
  • Clients hire me but after about 4-5 coaching sessions I run out of meaningful things to say.
  • I’m not very structured and I just kind of lean on my experience to help people during coaching sessions.
  • I “nailed” that coaching session…… how can I do that one again, just like that.

Really good coaches and very talented people who truly desire to help their clients can often find it a challenge to consistently present their knowledge, experience and content, or their “Niche Topic”. We suggest that every niche topic is presented as the coach’s “flagship"service or program. As every captain/admiral has their flag ship, every coach should have a “Flagship Program” based on their niche topic; it can accelerate the “Virtual You” of online coaching.

A Flagship Program transforms a coach’s knowledge, experience and content to “nail” each coaching session with a structured, disciplined, curriculum-oriented coaching program.

  • Structured to ensure the coach’s knowledge/experience tells a story about a strategy, tactic, process and proof, step by step, how to achieve success and results,
  • Disciplined to focus on the key points clients need to absorb from the coaching program and session and how it can be implemented to the clients benefit,
  • Curriculum-oriented to have the ability to work with clients to track and measure progress of the program to deliver more value for the client’s success.

Delivering a proven program to extend/retain client engagements and add more value.

By our human nature, we like structure as it provides progress from one situation to another. Clients are no different, looking for a coach who can simplify the complexity of their business in order to take action to improve their situation. A coach can solve this problem by organizing the unique knowledge, experience and content, their niche topic, to help clients into a structured, disciplined, step-by-step Flagship Program.

The ability to provide a pathway to success in a step-by-step manner will be THE MOST important differentiation in a coach’s business.

How to Create the structure of a Flagship Program?

The Author, Speaker, Trainer and/or Coach most likely are currently presenting their niche topic. If not, there are ways to find one or even add a compatible topic but we’ll keep that for another article. The veteran will take the knowledge, experience and content within the market they currently present and leverage that success into a Flagship Program

The requirement of any Flagship Program is on definable content and how to address the client’s situation, based on the niche topic. Perhaps it’s already created and their current program may include all the process outlined below but as a guide, and as a self-critique, here are the steps in creating a Flagship Program:

  • Identify the top (3) Challenges, (3) Issues and (3) Goals the client faces
    • Challenges are problem-oriented- pain focused and negative in nature.
    • Issues are situation-oriented- situationally focused and neutral in nature.
    • Goals are future-oriented- achievement focused and positive in nature.
    • FYI- Unaddressed Issues become Challenges and Addressed Issues become Goals.
  • With these (9) ­subtopics- Rank them in order #1 through #9
    • In terms of highest sense of urgency topic on down to the lowest sense of urgency topic.
    • Consider…what is top of mind for clients on a consistent basis? What fears do they have? What would cause the ideal client to seek a Coach to help them find solutions to their issues, challenges and meet their goals?
  • Create Step by Step Process outline based on;
    • Presenting the challenge and issue complexities of the client profile.
    • Developing and explaining the goals required to solving the complexity.
    • The results to be gained with implementation.
  • Present no less than 3 Steps, no more than 7 Steps with a key theme for each Step
    • “Theme” is the process to solve the issues, challenges, goals,
    • There must be a balance
      • If “too simple”, it’s of less value
      • If “too complex”, it’s difficult to absorb and implement.

And knowing the topic, the coach will know the balance. Once the coaching curriculum step-by-step process in outlined, materials are created to help present, sell and deliver the Flagship Program. The easiest thing to do is create one PowerPoint presentation that can aide in presenting and selling it. In addition, a worksheet or tool can be created for each step to teach clients the key theme of each step. This will help them translate the lesson learned from each step into habit-forming execution in real life. The key is to keep it simple- a one-pager with a checklist or a few questions with boxes for clients to fill in their answers.

When creating or evaluating content or program as a Flagship Program, one must always think in terms of action items the clients will take to execute upon the ideas and advice the Flagship Program is teaching them. It’s all about the action items, ideas and advice to accelerate the client’s success.  And just as Captain Kirk’s brand was his Starship, a Coach’s Flagship Program

Can and Will become their Brand, their Specialty and how their Known!


Bob Minshall is the GM/COO of MyCoachSite,, a seamless integrated platform created by coaches for enabling online coaching for Authors, Speakers, Trainers and Coaches.


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