Seamlessly Integrated Online Coaching Model

A recent webinar, “The Business of Online Coaching”, presented how to succeed with online coaching. It boiled down into a simple business model of “3 + 4”; the 3 Pillars of Coaching and the 4 Ps of Coaching Enablement Technology.

These are 7 key components- tested and proven- that are required to optimize online coaching capabilities to generate additional revenue for your practice. Leveraging them together provides an incredible opportunity to do more coaching, acquire/retain more clients and earn more money.

Let me share these components with you and provide several of the successful coaching behaviors needed to succeed for each! How many are you doing?

Coaching:       Leverage Your Program and Skills Online

  • I am now delivering my experience, skills and processes online to add incremental value to my clients.
  • I am now engaging in multiple ways with my clients to keep my value “front and center” using online tools?

Courses:          Have a “Flagship Program”

  • I have transformed my program into a systematic, consistent methodology that can be presented without my involvement.
  • I am now providing an incremental opportunity for my clients to virtually reinforce learning after the coaching session.

Content:         Continually Add Value

  • I update clients with articles, videos and quick tips “on the fly” to add more value before and/or after a coaching session.
  • I deliver more value through a course or recorded virtual coaching solutions to extend engagement or earn new clients.

Platform:        Have an Online Delivery Vehicle for Coaching      

  • I am now delivering my experience, skills and coaching progress reports anytime and anywhere as the client requires.
  • I have seamlessly integrated the coaching, courses and content components for a “one stop” solution for online coaching.

Program:        Transform Your Experience, Skills and Content

  • I have access to the right tools to transform my program with voice over, recorded video; a “Virtual You”.
  • I include the ability to set, track and measure expectations, assignments, “homework” from/with my clients.

Presentation: The Ability to “Scale” Your Value and Time

  • I provide clients access to value without my engagement; growing my business geographically and across time zones.
  • I am not delivering my value “anytime, anywhere” via phone, social media, recordings and videos- in one place.

Payment:        Accept Online Payments

  • I provide access to my program/content with free or paid membership subscriptions and/or with one time payments.
  • I am now making money “anytime, anywhere”, even while I sleep!


By implementing seamless technology with your current coaching skills sets, online coaching becomes a powerful opportunity for “do more” coaching, get more clients and make more money.


Have a great day!

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