Online Coaching: “Skype” is a good Start AND ONLY a Start

Online Coaching: "Skype" is a good Start AND ONLY a Start


Over the last year speaking with Authors, Trainers, Speakers and Coaches, I’ve asked the question……

   “Have you thought about online coaching”?


Many of them inevitably say “Yes – I’m doing online coaching. I coach my clients using Skype”.  This is a very common misperception – that solely using Skype for coaching sessions classifies as “doing online coaching”. While it’s a great start to adding online coaching capabilities to a coaching business, there is SO MUCH MORE!

Don’t get me wrong. Using Skype is an element of online coaching. It just isn’t the only element of online coaching. That’s where many coaches short change their results by limiting themselves and their changes of long-term as it relates to delivering online coaching to their customers in a more valuable way

By adding all the elements of online coaching, coaches can generate more opportunities, more clients and more revenue by implementing “The Business of Online Coaching”.

skype2   There is so much more to online coaching than the communication tool you use to deliver live coaching sessions (whether via phone, audio/video chat, or other), i.e. Skype. Unfortunately, you are still just trading your time for money – you’re using a different method to deliver the coaching live versus in person. When you optimize the capabilities of all the elements of online coaching, you can provide as much value as possible to your customers even when you are not around to speak with them live. How is this possible?

    First, if you are using Skype, make sure to not just use the audio – conduct your coaching session as a video chat session. This will dramatically improve the value of the coaching conversation because you have a “one to one” visual connection. While not as powerful as an “in person” session, you can still use your expressions and presentation skills. More importantly, you get to see your coaching client’s reactions to your program, presentation and advice, and even more importantly if they are even paying attention.

Secondly, record your video chat coaching session. This becomes a valuable asset to both you and your coaching client for three reasons:

  • You can go back and evaluate yourself as a coach (i.e. like watching game film of yourself!).
  • You start to build up a valuable asset library of private, personalized coaching content for each client to access later as reinforcement learning material. This extends the value you bring to the table and can differentiate you from competitors.
  • You’ll always have a record of your coaching if however unfortunate, there is a question, concern or perceived issue with your efforts.

Take it from me – not many coaches are recording coaching sessions and providing access to it in an easy-to-access manner for their clients. This alone can be a differentiator and simply is scratching the surface of what it means to be in “The Business of Online Coaching”.

Some coaches choose to use various technology tools to account for these different aspects of online coaching. Personally, I prefer Zoom over Skype as my tool of choice for audio/video chat coaching. Why?

The free version of Skype simply has too many distractions for my liking, including mixing business with personal contacts and displaying ads. Perhaps you’ve had the distractions of personal friends or family seeing you are online and interrupting your coaching calls by sending you Skype messages during your coaching session, or worse yet, trying to call you via Skype not realizing you are “busy” and on a call.

Zoom is easier to use and is private.  Zoom provides a version of the tool that is ad-free and allows you unlimited minutes for 1:1 video chat calls. You can record all of your audio/video chat sessions and save them as both MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) files on Zoom – all at no cost. It is just a more professional and easy way to deliver live high quality HD audio/video chat coaching based on my experience. It also provides a limited webinar function and can be cost effectively upgraded for full webinar features.

There are also comprehensive and cohesive coaching software platforms that include all of the necessary interactive tools. Either way, if you want to start online coaching, there are additional elements to provide significant value to your clients and you may want to start looking at all of these meaningful aspects of online coaching, not just the tool you use to deliver live coaching sessions.

No matter which audio/video chat tool you choose, The Business of Online Coaching is so much more than simply delivering live coaching sessions via an audio/video tool. I encourage you to start and learn more to earn more! However,

                             It’s a Great Start!!!



Bob Minshall is the GM/COO of MyCoachSite,, a seamless integrated platform created by coaches for enabling online coaching for Authors, Speakers, Trainers and Coaches.





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