Coaching Companies- Keys to Build, Grow and “Scale”

Over the last year, our company has worked with numerous Coaching Company executives to help them grow their businesses. It seems pretty obviously that the way to grow a Coaching Company is two (2) fold- #1- Grow your client base; i.e. add more clients, #2- Hire more Coaches; i.e. as you add more clients. Simple, […]

Manager as Coach. A New Perspective?

In a previous article entitled “Authors, Speakers, Trainers….Coaches?” we reviewed how each of these professions, and some say vocations, are or can be a Coach. For the original article, go to What if you’re a Manager for a company? Does “Coach” apply as well? Absolutely. I suggest that as a manager within your company […]

“The Virtual You” – Anytime, Anywhere

Who?? When?? Where?? Several weeks ago, I published an article “Solely Trading Time for Money”. Still? The original article can be read at . I’ve gotten a ton of feedback on the concept introduced as “The Virtual You”. To give you a flavor…. “Seriously… you had me until “while you’re sleeping”. “You say it’s […]

The Unique Coaching Value- the “Flagship” Program

Or perhaps a “Starship” Program? In a LinkedIn article last month entitled “Author, Speaker, Trainer…Coach?” (read the full article at I suggested that Authors, Speakers and/or Trainers were, or should be considered, Coaches. Their specific content/topic propels their value with their customers. Continuing to evolve into the coaching business, a requirement may be to […]

“Solely Trading Time for Money”. Still?

Perhaps there IS an Answer We’ve always heard Time is Money! Bosses, customers, clients and maybe even you trying to get that 12 year old child to shovel snow for $2 an hour (Wow, that dated me, eh?). We’ve always heard it and most of us believed it, lived it and suffered or prospered from it. […]

Online Coaching: “Skype” is a good Start AND ONLY a Start

Online Coaching: “Skype” is a good Start AND ONLY a Start           Over the last year speaking with Authors, Trainers, Speakers and Coaches, I’ve asked the question……    “Have you thought about online coaching”?                   Many of them inevitably say “Yes – I’m […]

Why Online Coaching- To Start or Not to Start

Why Online Coaching- “To Start or Not to Start” You’ve asked the question yourself. You’ve wondered- How can I scale my business? With only so many hours in the day- how can I support more clients? And the Big One- how can I make more money? The stress for many of us is putting the […]

The Coaches “IP”- Coaching, Courses, Content

Coaching, Courses, Content The International Coach Federation posted a very interesting article on their blog entitled “Why an Entrepreneurial Mindset is Important for Coaches” written by Patrick Watt (read the post at Some may say “yes, how interesting” and move on. I strongly suggest it is a powerful “must have” mindset for any coach. […]

Authors, Speakers, Trainers……..Coaches?

Authors, Speakers, Trainers……Coaches? “…partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” Does this quote describe what you do and your passion? According to Google, As an Author, you’re a person who writes articles, reports and books to educate and inform; As a Speaker, you’re […]

Seamlessly Integrated Online Coaching Model

A recent webinar, “The Business of Online Coaching”, presented how to succeed with online coaching. It boiled down into a simple business model of “3 + 4”; the 3 Pillars of Coaching and the 4 Ps of Coaching Enablement Technology. These are 7 key components- tested and proven- that are required to optimize online coaching […]