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Coaching Companies- Keys to Build, Grow and “Scale”

Over the last year, our company has worked with numerous Coaching Company executives to help them grow their businesses. It seems pretty obviously that the way to grow a Coaching Company is two (2) fold- #1- Grow your client base; i.e. add more clients, #2- Hire more Coaches; i.e. as you add more clients. Simple, […]

Manager as Coach. A New Perspective?

In a previous article entitled “Authors, Speakers, Trainers….Coaches?” we reviewed how each of these professions, and some say vocations, are or can be a Coach. For the original article, go to What if you’re a Manager for a company? Does “Coach” apply as well? Absolutely. I suggest that as a manager within your company […]

“The Virtual You” – Anytime, Anywhere

Who?? When?? Where?? Several weeks ago, I published an article “Solely Trading Time for Money”. Still? The original article can be read at . I’ve gotten a ton of feedback on the concept introduced as “The Virtual You”. To give you a flavor…. “Seriously… you had me until “while you’re sleeping”. “You say it’s […]