Created for Coaches. Created by Coaches. MyCoachSite is a coaching enablement platform built to add more value to the coaching experience for Coachees while making it easier for Coaches to create, distribute and monetize content unique to their personal brand of coaching.

The vision to create the MyCoachSite software platform came to Sean Piket, Founder & CEO of Sales Integrity LLC (a sales coaching services provider), when he was brainstorming possible ways to add more value to Sales Integrity's existing client base.

After successfully rolling out the software to existing clients, while creating new streams of monthly recurring revenue through this new coaching enablement platform, Sean decided it would be beneficial to make MyCoachSite available for use by coaches of all disciplines.

To discover how MyCoachSite could benefit you personally as a Coach, please take a look around our website to learn more.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Sean Piket
Sean Piket is the Founder of MyCoachSite.
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Bob Minshall
Bob Minshall is the GM & COO of MyCoachSite.
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Kelly Storbeck
Director of Operations
Kelly Storbeck is the Director of Operations of MyCoachSite.
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