The Coaches “IP”- Coaching, Courses, Content

Coaching, Courses, Content

The International Coach Federation posted a very interesting article on their blog entitled “Why an Entrepreneurial Mindset is Important for Coaches” written by Patrick Watt (read the post at Some may say "yes, how interesting" and move on. I strongly suggest it is a powerful "must have" mindset for any coach. How so?

The entrepreneur and his mindset are focused on selling themselves, their capabilities, the incremental value they can provide and evangelizing their product to new clients. They must evangelize their "intellectual property" (IP). It is most likely a different, new, or an improved/enhanced IP of doing business with a common requirement- change.

And change is not easy. One must be convinced that it will drive incremental results over and above the results of today. And exactly like an entrepreneur, the Coach must sell themselves, their capabilities, the incremental value they provide AND evangelize their IP.

It's the "who" and "what" that drives the "different, new, improved and/or enhanced" IP of attaining results. The entrepreneur is the "who"; their IP is the "what".

Coaches are not different; their Intellectual Property is different.

Whether an Author, Speaker, Trainer and/or Coach, their IP is the combination of their experience, skills, productivity, results and processes they've gained though successful "been there done that" to deliver and to add value to a client’s requirement to succeed. I suggest this IP can be describes as a combination of three essential "pillars" within our profession: Coaching, Courses and Content.


Coaches “coach”; it sounds too simple, but it is. Coaching is the key to the business. It is the delivery of the IP and it's also the connection with the client. It takes the Coach’s experience, skills and processes directly into a client’s requirements to add value and make a difference in the client’s business. There’s a myriad of options on how, what and when to coach, but engaging with the client to deliver their unique IP drives both coach and client success.


The delivery is coaching. Courses are what the coach delivers. It should be organized, understandable and informative and simply presented in order to foster the ability of the client to absorb, process and eventually implement a new strategy, tactic or paradigm (the coach's IP) to drive incremental value into their business. The Course is the knowledge the client absorbs, implements and pays for within the engagement.


Content includes the experience, skills, productivity, results and processes they create, develop and deliver to their clients, with their Course, through Coaching. Content is the DNA of the Coach and the uniqueness of their Coaching and Courses as they engage the client. Content is the glue that binds the IP together.

As a Coach, you have your own "Intellectual Property" of Coaching, Courses and Content. Combine these "3 Pillars" with an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver value to drive client success.



Bob Minshall is the GM/COO of MyCoachSite,, a seamless integrated platform created by coaches for enabling online coaching for Authors, Speakers, Trainers and Coaches.

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